Easy Aeropress Method

The Aeropress is an inexpensive piece of kit for making great smooth, clean tasting coffee.
However, go to a speciality coffee house and you could pay £3-4 for a brew. There are hundreds of Aeropress recipes; this ‘inverse’ method is one I picked up at CoffeeFix in Gatley when I worked there.

What you’ll need:
An Aeropress
A empty Bonne Maman jam jar
16 grams of coffee beans
A grinder
Electronic scales

  1. Boil about 500ml of water in kettle, pour it into inverted Aeropress & then your cup to heat them, pour in jam jar with filter to clean paper filter.
  2. Grind the coffee fine, but not as fine as espresso (about the size of fine kids play sand).
  3. Discard water from Aeropress and pour in the ground coffee. Placing Aeropress on scales (and tarring!), start timer, pour in 200ml of boiled water to Aeropress and then stir.
  4. Leave the coffee to brew (inclusive of stir) for 1 minute and 25 seconds and then place the filter on, flip into jam jar and do a 30 second plunge making sure you stop before the hissing sound.
  5. As soon as you started the pour the water into the Aeropress the whole process should have taken 2 minutes. Discarding water from your cup, pour the coffee from jam jar into your cup. Delish!

Aeropress’s are available at B’spoke for £28.50